After Flying Car, It’s Time To Take A Dip In The Water — Yamaha Patents Amphibious Car

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After taking the cars into sky, by means of flying car concept. Yamaha has gone a step further, by designing a amphibious car, yes, the car will serve both on land and water.

According to a filing with the Japanese Patent Office, a new assembly for wheels, that can retract inside the vehicle body, to allow it to become a boat, has been designed.

The purpose of this patent is to provide a vehicle, with a structure, so that the wheels can be stored inside the vehicle, eliminating the need of a large vehicle body.

Details on engine, and other technical information have not been revealed. But the patent confirms that, the vehicle has an "aquatic propulsive engine which gives impelling force to the aforementioned vehicles on water surface."

Yamaha recently revealed a teaser on their Sport Ride concept. A small sports car, which is powered by Yamaha's motorcycle engine. But there is no word on, whether this concept will go to production.

It looks like Yamaha is interested in entering the four wheeler segment, with its new amphibious car, and try to make a name for itself with this unique vehicle.

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