Nitrous-Powered Fastest Shed Is Faster Than Most Family Cars

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When you hear the word shed, top speed isn't the other word that comes to your mind. However, Kevin Nicks, a man from Chipping Norton in England (the same place a certain Jeremy Clarkson resides in) has built a shed that not only has a license plate but it is also the worlds fastest street legal shed.

Nicks built the high-speed shed at his home along with his daughter using a Volkswagen Passat with a 2.8-litre V6 producing around 200hp and a custom built steel frame shed he designed. To help deal with the 2-tonne plus weight, Nicks added a bottle of nitrous which gives the shed another 75hp to play with.

Despite having the aerodynamic properties of well you guessed it a house, Nicks recently beat his own speed record in the shed and hit a top speed of 155.8kph (96.831mph) while sprinting down a runway in England.

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While we've seen a lot of crazy things pass our desks but this crazy nitrous-powered 275hp shed is proably the craziest we've seen with a number plate attached to either end. 

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