GPS Leads Woman To 100-Foot Deep Lake; Car Sinks

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Tech has become increasingly opted for in modern day cars. What one forgets is that every bit of technology and gadget in a car is to aid the driver and not to take control. One woman from Canada learnt it the hard way after she followed her GPS and ended up in a 100-foot deep lake.

Apparently, the woman was looking for a right turn at an unfamiliar area and took a right, straight into a boat launch. Luckily, the woman realised what happened and managed to escape uninjured. The car she was driving, a Toyota Yaris, however, didn't make it.

The night the incident took place was claimed to be dark, stormy, and also foggy.

This is one good example of how not to drive and what gadgets are meant for - to guide you and not take over. There have been many reported cases such as this and some with bad results.

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