Did You Know That Your Driving Style Reveals Your Personality?

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Your driving style can reveal a lot about your personality. Forget what it looks like on the outside, but what really matters is how you hold the steering wheel of your vehicle and what it reveals about you.

There are many ways a person can hold the steering, but the following ways are what you portray about yourself subconsciously when driving. Take a look and see which category you belong to.

1. The Purist

The 10 and 2 o'clock style was the best way to hold the steering until power steering and airbags came into play. The old steering wheel required a lot of effort to turn, and pulling it down was the most efficient way. When power steering and airbags were introduced, holding the steering at 10 and 2 position risked further damage to the driver when the airbags deployed. So what is the best and recommended position? It's 9 and 3.

2. The Dude

Holding the steering at the 12 o'clock position with one hand means you are a laid back driver and approach situations in a relaxed manner. It does not mean you are not a safe driver. This also means that if it's time for a road trip, or vacation, you are the chosen person.

3. The Minimalist

As the name suggests, you like to keep things simple. Instead of hanging out with a bunch of guys, you prefer the company of a few, genuine friends. You're a person who is admired by others for your simplicity. You're a person who would prefer a plain, black T-shirt over a bright, printed one.

4. The Daredevil

In other words, you live life on the edge. You try to make the most of every moment and are a risk taker. The 'live life to the fullest' attitude earns you the respect from friends and even when it comes to love, you would not think twice to make a stand for it.

5. Captain Cool

You were a born leader. You are capable of taking a decision in a situation in a calm, clear way. The confidence in your ability makes people trust you in situations, and even at work, you get praised for your leadership skills.

6. The Supporter

You're a happy person when others find success and you are a person who will not think twice to voice out your support. You're also a prime listener, which makes you the source of advice for your friends.

7. The Diplomat With A Hidden Hulk Mode

Well, the name says everything. You're a kind of person who is quite uncomfortable and do not chose arguments. If in such a situation, you would try to calm things down, or if you tend to lose it, which happens rarely, your family and friends will be quite shocked and know you mean business.

8. The Comedian

True to the name, your brains work in a slightly different way because you're looking for some kind of humour in every situation. You have a creative mind accompanied by a lightning-fast sense of humour that nobody can match.

9. The Nervous Wreck

Quite the opposite of number 4. You wouldn't want push yourself outside your comfort zone and would prefer doing things that you know will provide a decent amount of fun. You're a kind of person who would shy away from high-risk activities, but people love you for the kind of person you are.

10. The No-Nonsense Guy

You would rather get through an obstacle instead of wasting time on things that get in your way. Friends and family adore your determination and can trust you to get things done. You're goal and action oriented.

So which one of them are you? Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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