We Started With Four Polaris ATVs: Jai, Co-Founder, Dirt Mania Bangalore

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The Polaris Experience Zone (PEZ) Bangalore, or better known as Dirt Mania is a place to be if you seek adventure or fun during the weekend. Dirt Mania offers rides to customers on Polaris All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), either on a set track or on a longer trail.

DriveSpark was invited to check out the Polaris ATVs at Dirt Mania. At the track, we had a chance to speak with the co-founder of Dirt mania, Jai.

To start off a place such as Dirt Mania, what is needed?

The most important requirement is land. If you can find a good piece of land that is accessible, with a good off-road trail, nothing like it. The land has to be 4 acres minimum. That is the first and foremost thing.

After finding land, what is the next step?

Now, it becomes a business proposition. One can approach Polaris directly once the land is ready. One of the most important ingredients is land, which is now ready, and the second most important factor is the ATVs, which can be bought directly from Polaris.

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