You Will Be Shocked To Know Vehicle Theft Figures In Uttar Pradesh

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Vehicle thefts are common in India, but according to the latest data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), a vehicle is stolen every 18 minutes in Uttar Pradesh, which indicates that the state has exceeded its previous record of theft cases.

In the last five years, Uttar Pradesh has recorded 29 percent increase in vehicle thefts. For the year 2015, NCRB recorded 29,846 vehicle thefts, which makes Uttar Pradesh the state with the second most vehicle thefts.

In 2015, Meerut reported 2,401 thefts, followed by Lucknow reporting 2111, Ghaziabad 2076, Agra 1901, Kanpur 988, Allahabad 904, and Varanasi 419. As per sources, "The situation is grim. Lack of deterrence has encouraged thieves so much that they are using techniques and gadgets to override the modern anti-theft systems."

"Not only do they carry duplicate electronic keys but can also neutralise engine control modules (on-board computers) in fuel-injected vehicles in a few minutes." Below is the details of automobile thefts recorded in Uttar Pradesh in the last five years.

  • 2011: 21,319
  • 2012: 22,773
  • 2013: 24,948
  • 2014: 29,561
  • 2015: 29,846  

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