Good Gesture: Anonymous Man Pays For Motorcycle Damage He Caused By Mistake

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Parking two-wheelers is becoming a tedious task these days and the biggest worry is damages. Most of these damages are not done intentionally, but coming back to your parked motorcycle and looking at a broken indicator or a tail lamp is heartbreaking.

unknown man pays up for damage to motorcycle

Most of us have experienced such situations and so did a person named Marc Knight, but with a good end to it. Marc had parked his Enfield in Rajiv Gandhi Government hospital in Chennai. When he came back for his beloved bike, he noticed his tail lamp was broken.

He was heartbroken at first, but when he picked up his helmet that was left on the motorcycle, he noticed a small piece of paper stuffed in his helmet. When Marc opened it, it was an apology note that read "Sorry for the damage". Also there were a couple of 100 rupees notes along with it.

Marc claims that his heart immediately melted and immediately put up a Facebook post about it to thank the anonymous person. This is just one out of many incidents that prove good people still exist. To whoever the person is, DriveSpark appreciates the good deed!

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