Misplaced Your Driver’s Licence Again? UK Might Have A Solution To It

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One common problem with motorists around the world is they forget to carry their Driver's Licence (DL). That can be a big problem sometimes since not many cops would agree if you said you forgot to carry it. The UK now has a solution to that.

Experts are developing a version of your licence that can be integrated into your smartphone, say for example it can be carried in the Apple Wallet app on your iPhone. Oliver Morley, the Chief Executive of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) showed off a prototype that appears as a pass on the Wallet app of the iPhone.

Morley said that it could be an add-on to the existing photocard and the person's security is the DVLA's top priority. The agency has however not given any timeframe as to when the new technology will be active.

It's not just the DL that will see digitisation, but so will passports, after the passport manufacturer announced plans to find a way to store passports in mobile phones.

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