Uber Offers Customers Rs. 6,700/Month To Use Public Transport

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App based cab service has teamed up with a real estate developer to offer new tenants a monthly $100 transport stipend if they agree not to use cars and instead use public transport instead.

The $100 monthly transportation stipend is part of Uber's first ever partnership with a property owner to offer transportation incentives to residents.

The $100 incentive is being offered to residents of the Parkmerced apartments in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California, provided they use $30 every month on Uber. The rest of the transport stipend can be spent on public transport, taxis, as well as for car-sharing.

Uber is also capping Uber Share rides at $5 for rides from Parmerced to two of the closest Bay Area Rapid Transit stations, Daly City and Balboa Park as well as the West Portal MUNI metro station. The same rate applies for rides back to the apartments from the stations.


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