TVS Motors Creates Record Through Five-Hour-Long Apache Pro Performance X Stunt Marathon

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There are many ways to establish a vehicle's reliability. Some manufacturers might choose to go the conventional way, while some prefer going radical, and the latest manufacturer to have gone the radical way is TVS motors.

TVS Motors on Sunday, 20 August organized the Apache Pro Performance X (APPx), a record-setting attempt by TVS Motors. The record has been set for the longest duration of non-stop stunting by TVS' stunt riders. Five TVS Racing stunt teams performed the stunts on TVS Apache motorcycles for five hours straight, starting at 12pm and ending at 5, at Express Avenue mall in Chennai.

Five Hours Of Non-Stop Stunting — TVS Creates Record

Something to be known about stunting is that it puts immense stress on the motorcycle's engine, transmission, suspension and even the chassis. These are the most important components in any motorcycle, and if these are tough, it means that the motorcycle would be very reliable in the long run and this is what makes it a big deal for TVS.

Five Hours Of Non-Stop Stunting — TVS Creates Record

To pull off a wheelie, the engine has to be revved and clutch engaged suddenly when the engine is at a high RPM, putting immense stress on the clutch, gear and even piston and crankshaft. Even the suspension is hit hard upon landing. While performing a stoppie, the front brake and the front and rear suspension is tested to the max, with all the weight on it!

Five Hours Of Non-Stop Stunting — TVS Creates Record

The fact that the 15 TVS Apache motorcycles (3 for each team) were able to continuously perform such gruelling stunts for 5 hours is a testimony of its good build quality. And TVS has once again proven that the Apache is a reliable and tough motorcycle.

Five Hours Of Non-Stop Stunting — TVS Creates Record

The teams that performed the stunts themselves are pretty reputed, some of them having achieved big feats like training the Army stuntmen for the Republic day parade, participation in national level shows, participation in international stunting competitions, etc. They ended the record by bringing all 15 motorcycles together for a burnout.

Five Hours Of Non-Stop Stunting — TVS Creates Record

DriveSpark Thinks!

TVS has been involved in rallying for a long time now, proving that their two-wheelers are reliable and built tough. Now, with this new record, TVS has gone to the next level, showing that even their road-going bikes are built tough, and can take some serious abuse.

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