Here’s One Way To Reduce Traffic Violations In India — Check Out The Video From China

Traffic violations in India are considered some of the worst in the entire world. In most parts of the country, basic traffic rules and discipline are not followed properly. For the same reason, the death rate by accidents has also gone up.

In a survey carried out by the World Health Organisation (WHO), it was proved that close to 1.5 lakh Indians die on roads, each year. The death toll roughly translates to around 22.6 lives per one lakh people.

One of the main reasons for road accidents in India is jaywalking — the act of crossing a road without minding the signals and disregarding the oncoming traffic. This is even a common scene on highways which pass through rural areas.

China, the most populated country in the world, has also got its fair share of jaywalkers in major cities. However, the Chinese traffic department has now come up with a unique solution to this form of traffic violation.

The pedestrian crossing system installed in Changzhi, Central China, has already become viral on various social media platforms. Its functioning is simple and involves you getting wet.

If someone attempts to cross the road or stands too close to it during a red light, that person will get sprayed with water at knee-level. This will just warn the violator that he cannot cross now.

When the light turns green, anyone can walk freely till the light turns red again. The system is equipped with motion or proximity sensors to detect the violators. If someone is really determined to cross the road while it is not allowed, he/she would have to jump over the system. But then, the risk factor doubles.

The system is also effective in preventing cyclists from ending up in front of oncoming traffic; something which is really common in foreign cities. The moment a person gets sprayed with water without warning, they will stop in confusion for a second or two. This is the same principle which proves the system's efficiency. Watch its functioning below:

Thoughts On The Unique Solution To Jaywalking

On an Indian perspective, the system might work in some areas, but not in most places. The reason for this is that even while it's essentially a form of traffic violation, the Chinese will still try to cross through a zebra path. In India, many do not even know the purpose or existence of a zebra crossing.

Still, the system can work to an extent in metro cities.

Source: BBC News

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Article Published On: Monday, January 14, 2019, 16:02 [IST]
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