Mental Toyota-Ferrari Hybrid Is A Manic Tyre Shredding Drift Machine

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What happens when professional drifter Ryan Tuerck goes to a race track and takes his bespoke Toyota GT4586 drifting. The answer is quite simple: tyres screaming in agony as they are forcibly converted into smoke.

Toyota GT4586 Goes Drifting — Smokes Some Tyres

The GT4586 is the result of a Toyota GT86 getting a heart transplant in the form of a 4.5-litre V8 engine from a Ferrari 458.

The mental Ferrari V8 replaces the 4-cylinder engine Subaru boxer engine found under the hood of Toyota's only sports car currently on sale.

Toyota GT4586 Goes Drifting — Smokes Some Tyres

The engine kicks out 570bhp and 540Nm of torque and revs up to 9,000rpm and creates an insane howl when the loud pedal is pressed in anger.

Toyota GT4586 Goes Drifting — Smokes Some Tyres

When combined with the Toyota GT86's lightweight body, the manic engine's power forces the tiny Toyota sports car to become an instant oversteer loving machine.

Now sit back, plug in some headphones and enjoy the sounds and sights as this Toyota-Ferrari Frankenstein mashup belts out its greatest hits.

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If you think the drift machine above is a too loud and smoky for your tastes, click on the image gallery of the Toyota GT86 below to see the brilliant Toyota sports car without the mad performance enhancing prancing horse sticking out of its front.

Story first published: Wednesday, January 11, 2017, 18:31 [IST]
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