Tow Truck's Are Not Meant To Go Fast

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The job of a tow truck is to help another vehicle that is facing trouble. Here we have a tow truck who gets into more trouble than helping others. In the video below you will see a Volkswagen Touareg being helped by a tow truck.

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It is clear the tow truck was speeding with a SUV to its back. Everyone knows it is difficult to break with a heavy object that is only attached to the back. The tow truck is speeding for no reason and clips a garbage truck that is trying to cross.

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The accident is terrifying and we are not sure if the occupants were injured or not. However, the one positive is reaction from the public who start calling the paramedics as well as try to see if they can help the occupants. We hope, no one was injured in this accident and would recommend you to follow speed limits, when possible.

Video: Tow Truck's Are Not Meant To Go Fast!

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Story first published: Monday, August 18, 2014, 19:19 [IST]
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