Top 10 Most Recalled Vehicles In India

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Vehicle recalls are more often nowadays. Any small defect in the vehicle, automakers don't hesitate to announce a recall, since selling a quality vehicle is more important than selling defective vehicles.

So what are some of the most recalled vehicles in India? Here is a look at ten most recalled vehicle models in the Indian market from 2012 till date.

10. Nissan Sunny

Number of Units recalled: 21,402

At number 10 is the CAAAR, Nissan Sunny. In 2013, Nissan recalled 15,902 units of the Sunny to fix the brake master cylinder seal, and in 2015, Nissan made a recall again to fix faulty airbags and engine switches in 5,500 cars.

most recalled cars in india nissan sunny

9. Mahindra Scorpio

Number of Units recalled: 24,504

Mahindra made a recall of 985 units of the Scorpio in 2013, to fix an issue with the pressure regulating valve in the EX variant of the SUV. Again in 2014, Mahindra recalled 23,519 units of the same variant to fix the same problem.

most recalled cars in india mahindra scorpio

8. Ford Fiesta Classic

Number of Units recalled: More than 25,871

In 2012, Ford recalled around 1,28,655 units and among them were the Fiesta Classic and Figo hatchbacks. In 2013, Ford recalled more than 25,871 Fiesta Classics to fix a defect.

most recalled cars in india ford fiesta classic

7. Ford EcoSport

Number of Units recalled: 38,224

The Ford EcoSport is the second Ford model on this list of recalls. Ford recalled 972 units of the EcoSport soon after launching it in 2013 for a glow plug relocation and in 2014, another 20,700 units were recalled to fix a faulty fuel line and airbags. Again, in November 2015, Ford recalled 16,500 units to fix a rear suspension part that could increase accident risks.

most recalled cars in india ford ecosport

6. Toyota Innova

Number of Units recalled: 44,989

Toyota too recalled its largest selling product in India to fix a defective part of the steering wheel. Toyota had recalled 44,989 units of Innova in 2014.

most recalled cars in india toyota innova

5. Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire

Number of Units recalled: 55,548

High volume selling cars also risk having a high recall number. In 2013, 581 units of the Dzire compact sedan was recalled for a faulty steering column, and 42,481 units were recalled in 2014 to fix a defective fuel filler neck. Again there was another recall made in 2014 to fix another 12,486 units.

most recalled cars in india maruti swift dzire

4. Mahindra XUV500

Number of Units recalled: 84,695

A total of 84,695 units of the XUV500 were recalled since 2013. First, 24,695 units were recalled in 2013 to fix an oil seepage problem, and in 2015, Mahindra recalled another 60,000 units to update the software of the side curtain airbags.

most recalled cars in india mahindra xuv500

3. Chevrolet Tavera

Number of Units recalled: 1,14,000

At number three is the Chevrolet Tavera. A total of 1,14,000 Chevrolet Taveras were recalled in 2013 to fix issues regarding emission and specification issues.

most recalled cars in india chevrolet tavera

2. Ford Figo

Number of Units recalled: More than 1,40,000 units

The Ford Figo hatchback was recalled on two occasions to fix issues. First, in 2012, Ford recalled the Figo to fix a faulty Rear Twist Beam, and the recall was extended to 2013 as well, having recalled more than 1,09,469 units. The second occasion for the recall was due to a leak in the power steering hose, which affected 30,681 units.

most recalled cars in india ford figo

1. Honda City

Number of Units recalled: 1,89,705

The Honda City is the best selling product for the Japanese carmaker and also the most recalled car in India. Honda first recalled 42,672 units of the City to fix a defective driver's side power window switch. Later in 2015, Honda recalled 1,43,154 units of the City to fix faulty airbag inflators.

most recalled cars in india honda city
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