The Latest Tech Toys For Cars; Does Your Car Have It?

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Our cars just like everything else in our lives are moving with the times and changing to ensure that you and I can still drive around in them for many more years to come.

So let's take a look at some of the tech that's being fitted in cars around the world and could soon make their way into your cars (Maybe they're already here) in the very near future.

Back To The Future With Turbos

Back To The Future With Turbos

Turbos were all the rage in the late 80's as carmakers strived to go faster and faster by forcing more air into the engine.

Now, the turbos are back for a much more important reason, to save the car as mode of transport as the world looks to get its emissions under control.

The new turbos deliver more power as well as ensure that cars are more frugal and emit less toxic fumes to keep the emissions nannies happy.

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night

Right now LED's are limited to mostly Daytime Running Lights in most cases though a few high-end cars do employ full-fledged LED Headlamps.

So how do these LED headlamps help compared to other systems currently in use?

LED headlamps use a lot less energy than normal halogen lamps and can last for a longer period of time and illuminate the road better as well.

A win-win for everyone.

Supernanny Safety Net

Supernanny Safety Net

Most accidents can be avoided if the person behind the wheel is actually paying 100 percent attention to the road and its occupants around him/her.

However, us humans with our rather short attention spans are known to be distracted by almost everything else.

Thankfully, carmakers have started fitting collision avoidance systems in our cars like emergency automatic braking systems and many more like blind spot detection systems.

Unfortunately, these systems use radar that runs at a frequency that has not been opened for civilian use. Which means that most of this tech is banned in India.

Augmented Reality - No More Boring Manuals

Augmented Reality - No More Boring Manuals

Have you ever gone through your car's owner's manual? Most of us ignore this rather important document and when our cars break down or something goes wrong, we panic.

Carmakers are now thinking of ways to make you want to know your car better and avoid the panic attacks.

Hyundai has already come up with an augmented reality app that lets you interact with your car and learn how to use all the features available.

Now that's something that should keep you interested for some time.

This Is Not Skynet! At Least We Hope It Isn't

This Is Not Skynet! At Least We Hope It Isn't

It's not just about driving anymore, our cars are becoming extensions of ourselves. So it isn't surprising that our phones have started to invade our cars.

Both Google and Apple with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay respectively want you to control more and more of your car's systems with your phones and bring phone features like maps, navigation as well as apps like Spotify and other music platforms to cater to your tunes.

Apple CarPlay has been in India for a while (In cars like the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza), Android Auto has just entered India. However in a smartphone crazy country like India, this tech may soon become standard fare in our cars.

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