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The second week of January 2016 has passed us by. Thankfully, the crazy world of the interweb hasn't changed that much and we've got some crazy videos that really caught our attention this week.

10.  Tesla Model S Catches Fire At Supercharger Station In Norway

Tesla woke up to a rather news in the New Year as one of its Model S sedans was reduced to ashes after it caught fire at a Supercharging station in Norway.

9. Ten Year Old Kid Pulls Off A Wheelie


Pulling a wheelie takes some skill and effort. It's made even harder when your feet don't reach the ground when you're sitting on the seat. No Wonder we hold this brilliant 10 year old kid in high esteem.

8. Mental Moscow BMW 1M Owner Drifts About In Heavy Traffic

A rather moronic BMW 1M owner from Moscow drifts about on the city streets putting hundreds of othor motorists at risk. We do hope he comes to his senses before he kills someone or lands up in a ditch himself.

7. Drunk Crosses The Road And Faceplants Into The Snow

Yet another Russian joins this week's list despite not being in a car or on two wheels. This fellow must have had just a bit too much of Mother Russia's infamous Vodka before he crossed the road. Hopefully the slushy and cold snow will have sobered him up.

6. Audi R8 V10 Plus Drifts Up A Snowy Mountain Road

Driving a supercar can be a tricky job when it snows. However, the driver of the 602hp Audi R8 V10 Plus shows us how it should be done by drifting his V10 beast up a mountain road stuffed with snow.

5. Malaysian Pro Drifter Leona Chin Pranks Mitsubishi Customers 

Malaysian Pro Drifter Leona Chin is one lady with a wicked sense of humor. However, the customers at this Mitsubishi dealership may not agree with her humor as she scared them silly in this memorable prank.

4. Mercedes G Wagon Flips Over While Attempting Hill Climb

The Mercedes G Wagon is one of the toughest SUV's around and can climb almost anything you put in front of it. Unfortunately, the people who drive them aren't that great as can be seen in this rather crazy hill climb attempt.

3. The Lamborghini Gallardo Submarine 

Watching a V10 Lamborghini wade through a flooded San Diego road was a revelation. This could very well be the perfect car for another Bond submarine scene.

2. Chevrolet Camaro Flips Over During Drag Race

A nitrous powered Chevrolet Camaro flips over multiple times during a drag race after the driver loses control of the pumped up muscle car. Thankfully, the driver survived unhurt, however, the Camaro did not.

1. Subaru Forester SUV Falls Of The Side Of A Mountain 

Speed kills but when it doesn't it can send you sliding off a mountain road as the chap driving a 2004 Subaru Forester XT SUV found out after he took too much speed into a sharp curve after emerging from a tunnel and found himself sliding down the mountain.

We wish him the best and hope he's learned his lesson.  

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