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The final days of 2015 are gone. A new year – 2016 – has come upon us. However, in our crazy automobile world, the insanity has remained the same. So with that in mind, let's  take a look down memory lane at the best videos from the first week of January, 2016.

10. The Tesla Model X Celebrates The Holidays With A Light Show

Three Tesla Model X SUVs used their headlights, indicators and their 'falcon wing' rear doors and the normal front doors to perform in tune to the Wizards In Winter by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra as Tesla celebrated Christmas.

9. Priest Rides A Hoverboard In Church

A rather tech savvy priest rode a hoverboard during Christmas celebrations and got into trouble with the 'higher authorities' for his hovering skills.

8. Disney Build A Wall Climbing Robot With Wheels

Disney Research Division in Zurich teamed up ETH university to create a wall climbing robot called VertiGo. The crazy thing also has four wheels and can glide across walls as well.

7. Greenpeace's Worst Nightmare - A Smoky Diesel Rat Rod Growls Down The Drag Strip

A turbodisel Rat Rod with a 59 Cummins with 47psi of boost and a body made from 40's era Chevrolet pickup trucks is surely Greenpeace's idea of a nightmare come to life.

6. Nissan GTR Strips A Christmas Tree Off Its Decorations In Just 2.7 Seconds

Nissan decided tp pack up its Christmas decorations rather quickly. To help in this endeavour, they enlisted the help of a Nissan GT-R with its launch control engaged and the christmas tree tied to its back.

5. Ferrari's XX Division Have A Shouting Match At Mugello, Italy


Ferrari's rabid fans — the 'tifosi' — are a rather loud lot. Ferrari's XX division caters to the richest of the Tifosi by supplying them with track only cars. Mugello bore the brunt of the combined Tifosi XX divison shouting match at the 2015 Ferrari World Finals.

4. Nissan GT-R And Toyota 86 Have A Drift Battle Up A Mountain

What happens when you close down a stretch of mountain road and allow two drift cars, namely the Nissan GT-R and the Toyota 86 to slide up its roads. The answer can be found in this video.

3. Ryan Tuerck Teaches You How To Drift In A 550hp Toyota Soarer

Professional Drifter and certified Hoonigan Ryan Tuerck drifts about the EuroSpeedway Lausitz race track in Germany in a 550 hp Toyota Soarer he borrowed from fellow drifter Rene Portz. With the help of two camera angles, his hooning became a masterclass in drifting.

2. Nissan GT-R Drifts Up A Mountain in The Rain And Fog

Remember the Nissan GT-R from the drift battle with the Toyota 86? Well the driver of that machine, professional drifter Masato Kawabata, practiced for his battle by drifting up the same mountain. He did his practice run with the rain pouring down and visibility levels at near zero thanks to some rather heavy fog on the mountain road.

1. Monster Pays Homage To Off-Roading In Insane #Doonies2

Mosnter Energy decided to gather all of its rather insane off-road machinery and their respective pilots to the Glamis Sand Dunes of California to have some fun on the sand dunes.  The result is probably the craziest off-road videos ever.

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