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The fourth week of December has passed us by and Christmas has come and gone as well but the crazy world of cars and bikes hasn't stopped giving out its gifts qquite yet.

From 20 kids getting out of a Tata Indica to an insanely sideways Mazda, read on and see the brilliant videos that had us glued to our screens during this rather jolly week.

10. Nervous Novice Crashes BMW S1000RR Into A Lamp Post

The BMW S1000RR puts down some serious power through its rear wheel onto the road. Unfortunately for a rather novice rider (at least that's what the video claims he is), his fear of the bike caused him to plough straight into a lamp post while attempting a rather simple turn.

9. Laguna Seca, 1 Lap, 20 Cars, 62 years Of Porsche

Porsche showcased 62 years of its sports car heritage with the help of 20 Porsche racing cars during one POV (Point Of View) lap of the legendary Laguna Seca circuit.

8. Insane Top Fuel Dragster Produces 11,051bhp

Top Fuel drag racing cars run on an insane fuel mix of nitromethane and methanol and can hit insane speeds like 530km/h. No one had ever measured these powerful beasts so Race Engine Technology magazine teamed up with testing specialists AVL Racing and Don Schumacher Racing to find the power output.

7. Racer Blows Door Off During Drag Race: Still Wins The Race

A Hot Rod racer blew his own door off halfway through a drag race during Hot Rod Drag Week in St Louis, Missouri but still managed to win the race.

6. 20 kids Get Out Of A Tata Indica In Hyderabad

Incredible india Or Insane india. We can't really decide what would suit this particular video, which sees 20 kids getting out of a Tata Indica hatchback at Golconda Fort near Hyderabad.

5. Santa Claus Ditches The Reindeer, Goes Drifting With The Help Of Ken Block In Snowkhana 4

Santa decided to ditch the reindeer and drift about in a Ford Focus RS with the help of professional tyre killer Ken Block. The friendship with the Hoonigan in chief surely must have helped as he escaped the cops trying to catch him for being on the naughty list.

4. Racing Driver Escapes Burning Car In Argentina

This racer is ON FIRE!

Posted by on Sunday, December 13, 2015

Argentinian racer Mauro Giallombardo must be thanking his lucky stars that he's alive right now. Giallombardo Top V6 Touring car caught fire and he just managed to escape out of his car and rolled about on the grass to put out the flames that had stuck onto him. Giallombardo escaped with first and second degree burns.

3. Mad Mike Whiddett Goes Drifting In Insane RADBUL MX5

Mad Mike Whiddett is a professional drifter and his insane Radbull Mazda MX5 is a testament to his craziness as it can easily touch 200km/h while Mike goes sideways burning rubber. Whiddett and Radbull invite you to share a crazy sideways lap of New Zealand's Highlands Motorsport Park.

2. Crazy Car Seesaw

󾭩󾭩Thánh lái ô tô󾮗󾮗 đỉnh của đỉnh

Posted by Nguyễn Văn Minh on Sunday, December 13, 2015

A see saw is something every kid has had fun on but Vietnam's car crazy people seem to think that a seesaw with two cars on each end is fun. We don't quite agree, though we do salute the crazy drivers and their crazy passengers as well. These Vietnamese are crazy.

1. Crazy Wheelie Handstand

That was a jump! #insane @benjamin_baldini #switchriders #stuntlife #stunt #thereisnoplaceyoucantride #instabike Support us -->

Posted by Switch Riders onWednesday, December 9, 2015

Frenchman Benjamin 'Ben10' Baldini from the Switch riders stunt group pulls of an insane wheelie handstand. Leaves us all gasping.

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