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The most powerful and efficient way to spread news in the modern world is through social media and Facebook is right at the top, competing with Twitter. This is also a way to expose good content and make people aware of what is happening around the world.

Here is a list of top 10 most engaging facebook posts that kept our follower engaged in 2015.

10. Yamaha Alpha Scooter Recall

Yamaha made a recall announcement of its Alpha scooter early in 2015, due to an issue with the scooter leaking oil due to faulty O-ring in the cylinder head.

9. Mahindra Gusto Launch

The launch news of the Mahindra Gusto scooter was huge! The whole concept of a scooter with height adjustable seat got everybody curious. Also, since the Gusto competes with the Honda Activa, it was a crucial launch for Mahindra.

8. The Fake Currency Dilemma

It all started one morning while getting to work, after filling the 'DriveSpark' wagon with some gas. A fake note made the whole team to reach out and educate people who were unaware to differentiate a real currency note from a fake one.

7. Lamborghini Mumbai's Big Heart

Lamborghini Mumbai reached out to 15 year old Nihaal, who suffers from Progeria. Nihaal surprised the carmaker with the amount of knowledge he had about the car, and the Italian carmaker gave him a very special birthday treat.

6. How To Ride A Motorcycle: 10 Steps To Make You A Better Rider

A very education oriented article one could say, which is focused on making motorcycle riders better. It speaks about simple steps and what to look out for in the real world, which would improve a person's riding skills to a great extent.

5. Valentino Rossi Fans From Bangalore Show Their Support

Valentino Rossi sure has a huge fan following in the world, which includes the Bangalore city in South India. Fans from the Valentino Rossi Club organised a ride to support their MotoGP hero and the unfortunate incidence that happened during the 2015 MotoGP Championship.

4. Car Copycat Design

Most of you must have heard about ripoffs or copying car designs in the automotive industry. This particular article speaks about design copies in the Indian market, which is otherwise missed or not noticed if not spoken about.

3. Mahindra Mojo Spotted Before Launch

Than the launch of the motorcycle, what really got our readers engaged on Facebook was when we spotted the motorcycle and gave the word every detail they needed about the motorcycle and what the motorcycle is going to be when launched.

2. Honda Livo Launch

When Honda announced that they were launching a commuter motorcycle, everything was calm, until the Japanese motorcycle maker launched it. Although just a commuter motorcycle, it had something that no other motorcycle in this segment had - style. That was the spark needed to create interest.

1. 15 Greatest Yamaha's Of All Time

There is nothing like a good history lesson, and especially about Yamaha. The article gives you a deep insight about the rich history of Yamaha, from its very first motorcycle, to its current flagship, the Yamaha YZF-R1.

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