DriveSpark Dispatch: The Top 10 Viral Videos Of 2015

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2015 has been a crazy year for car and bike related videos. From insane cars that do over 500km/h on the drag strip to the hilarious lemon Jeep Cherokee video lampooning Fiat Chrysler Australia, the year had it all.

We take a look back at 10 of the best videos from a rather eventful 2015.

10. Alan Birtwistle Scrapes his Motorcycle Handlebar While Doing The Limbo

Alan Birtwistle is an English professional motocross rider who also is quite a deft hand at the limbo. He showcased that limboing brilliance in Norfolk, England where he scraped his handlebars on the ground as he slid his bike under the limbo bar.

9. Guy Does A Burnout On The Screen Of An iPhone

Professional Technology destroyer and Youtuber TechRax decided to find out what happens when you do a burnout on the screen of an iphone. With the help of a mini moto Ducati 916 he proceeded to test out his insane experiment and came back a bit surprised.

8. Two Year Old Biker vs Four Year Old Kart Racer

A two year old biker by the name of Timur Kuleshov takes on four year old kart racer Makar Zheleznyak in the cutest video to ever hit the site. The two toddlers put on a show that left us in awe and rushing through the internet to find more videos of this cute duo.

7. Honda's Ignition Ad

Honda is known for some rather brilliant ad campaigns but its ignition TV commercial really blew everything else out of the water. It made quite a few more enchanting ads during the year like the one titled Paper, but ignition really was the best of the lot.

6. 0 – 520km/h In Under 4 seconds In A Car

These cars may be called funny cars, but there is nothing funny about the amount of power they produce, or the insane speeds they can reach. With 7000 - 800bhp on tap, it's no wonder these cars reach 520km/h in under four seconds, and need parachutes to stop. 

5. Jetman Flies Over Dubai With His Padawan Alongside An Airbus A380

Yves 'Jetman' Rossy took to the skies with his apprentice Vincent Reffet to escort an Airbus A380 across the skies of Dubai.

4. Reporter Gets Smashed By A Stop Sign

Irish Reporter Teresa Mannion was reporting for RTE News on Storm Desmond and the treacherous road conditions caused by it when a stop sign sent flying by the storm slammed into her and brought an abrupt end to her report.

3. The Holy Hypercar Trinity Drag Race - LaFerrari vs Porsche 918 Spyder vs McLaren P1

Getting the Hypercar Holy Trinity from Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche for a test together was always going to be tough. Thankfully the folks from, approached Paul Bailey, a British supercar collector who has all three in his garage. Permission was granted and the trio lined up at Bruntingthorpe's 3.2 kilometre long runway for a drag race taht will be remembered for a long time.

2. Drift Battle Murcielago vs Mustang RTR

Drifting a car is all about car control and professional drifters Vaughn Gittin Jr. in his Ford Mustang RTR and Daigo Saito in his rear wheel drive Lamborghini Murcielago showed blew everybody else out of the water with this insane drift battle on the streets of an abandoned village in Japan. We still go and watch this time and time again whenever we need a bit of inspiration.

1. Australian Teg Sethi Lampoons Chrysler's 'I Bought A Jeep' Campaign

Aussie Teg Singh Sethi bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee for Aus$60,000 so that he could keep his family safe on the road, especially with a baby on the way. However, his Jeep turned out to be a lemon which Fiat Chrysler were not willing to replace. They even refused to refund him .

In retaliation Teg decided to mock Chrysler's 'I bought a Jeep' campaign as he made a professional grade music video in which he rapped out his greviances to the tune of Redfoo's New Thang.

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