Owner Tracks Stolen Tesla Through Mobile App

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A Tesla owner has tracked his stolen car through his mobile app, and the police have arrested the suspect. The whole incident took place when a Canadian woman and her friend returned to a parking garage to find out the Tesla Model S was missing.

Worried that the police have towed the car away, the woman called her husband to track the car on the mobile app and what husband found was that the car was travelling at good speeds through the city street.

Soon the couple realised that their car was stolen and contacted 911 immediately, giving the operator details about where the car was. The 911 operator passed on these details to an officer and soon, the thief was apprehended at an intersection and taken away.

The couple also claim that they could have remotely shut down the car's motor by calling Tesla, or even operated the sunroof and the horn. But they chose to call the police and inform them about the real time tracking data, so they can handle it professionally.

So, how did such a hi-tech gadget car get stolen in the first place? Well, the couple had left an extra electronic key fob in the vehicle! This would have opened the door when the thief accidentally touched the door handles.

tesla owner tracks stolen car through mobile app
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