Who Said Electric Cars Don't Smoke — Tyre Slaying Model S Is The Perfect Answer To EV Naysayers

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One of the biggest reasons that many petrolheads sneer at electric vehicles is that they think they're quite boring (also the lack of an engine does seem to take the nice growly sounds away as well).

However, there is one EV that has been flying the flag high for electric vehicles to kick out the boring tag. The all-wheel-drive variants of the Model S has been smoking muscle cars and supercars on the drag strip while the rear wheel drive variants also flex their torquey muscles in a silent game of killing tyres as the video above shows.

So next time someone tells you EVs are boring, make them watch this or tell them to take a Tesla on in a drag race.

PS — Tyres were hurt in the making of the video above.

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Story first published: Monday, September 26, 2016, 19:48 [IST]
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