Self-Driving Model S Crashes Into Trailer, Tesla Blames The Driver

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The Tesla Model S is the favourite of all the tree hugging folk for its non-polluting ways. It's also the dream toy of geeks and speed demons thanks to its self-driving features and its Ludicrous Mode launch control.

tesla model s summon mode crash

However, while this might be all brilliant, all of the autonomous features are currently still in Beta Testing Mode and humans are needed to monitor the Model S so that it does not misbehave.

Unfortunately for Jared Overton, from the state of Utah in the United States, a summoning of his loaner Model S (at least that's what Tesla claims happened) sent it straight into the back of a trailer.

Overton claims that he didn't use the Summon function, but Tesla has refuted his claims and has stated that Overton could easily have stopped the summons if he had been overseeing it as Tesla expects owners to do.

He should have remembered that the Model S requires a Supernanny.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 12, 2016, 10:53 [IST]
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