Car Hits Teen Playing Pokemon Go While Crossing A Busy Four-Lane Road

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The latest trending thing in the modern world after Game Of Thrones is Pokemon Go. And keeping true to that, the game has also been in the news for causing an accident, when the driver ended up wrapping his car around a tree.

The latest recorded accident is a teen who was hit by a car, while she was crossing a busy four-lane road.

According to reports, the 15-year old was returning from a museum after collecting a Pokemon when the car hit her. She was admitted in the hospital and later discharged. She is out of harm's way, but her mother is furious.

Tracy Nolan, the teen's mother is holding the game's developers responsible as she claims that her daughter would not have left the house if it wasn't for the game. At the moment, it is still not clear if the teen had the game open while crossing the road or what the driver behind the wheel of the car was doing.

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