Pics: Modified Tata Nano Pickup Truck – Your Thoughts?

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The humble Tata Nano has gone through a metamorphosis from the time it was initially launched. Now a farmer from Gujarat has taken it to another level and customised the Tata Nano with a different twist.

Modification of the Tata Nano by the Gujarat Farmer is very creative, the rear profile of the Nano has been totally scooped out with an open top rear cabin. A steel frame setup has been mounted to give the Nano a pickup finish, two fog lamps are mounted on top of it which completes the look.

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The front has been cut-off from the rear with full steel cabin and a rectangular windshield to assist the rear view for the driver. As for the rear door, it has been left in the same place, however, the window has been chopped off to give the open top finish.

As for the seat for the rear row, a bench seat has replaced the original factory seats and looks to be narrow, however, it does look like an open top SUV or the jeeps that we see on roads.

Probably a big and fat radial tyres would have given the Tata Nano pickup truck a sporty and a modern look. Himanshu Shah who built the Tata Nano pickup truck has put in a lot of effort creating this off-road look of the Nano and he has indeed pulled it off very well.

There are no changes or modifications for the front profile of the Tata Nano and it has been left as the original car.

Tata had bet big on the small car Nano and was introduced globally as the cheapest car in the world, however, they have not tasted much success with the car. Tata went back to the drawing board and refurbished the Nano and featured it with many changes.

The present Nano comes with power steering wheels, a tailgate which can be opened to store luggage and an Automatic Manual Transmission to zip the Nano around the city. It is still the cheapest car in India, however, it has moved from it signature Rs. 1 lakh price tag.

The Tata Nano GenX starts at a price tag of Rs. 2.07 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi). As for the CNG variant called the Nano eMax (CNG), will cost Rs. 2.67 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi).


Official Images Of Tata Nano GenX

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