The Mallus Are Back! Renault Duster Modified Inside Out In Kerala

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The Renault Duster is an icon itself, now someone from Kerala has taken it further and modified it as a pickup truck. Read and browse through the images for more details.

From the view of the Duster, the rear boot space has been chopped and remodified to give it an extension and it looks like the dual cab pickup truck we see on the road. The rear profile has been modified, however, the essence of the tailgate and the tail lamps have been restored with blackened finish.

The rear windshield has been finished off well with the de-mister is in place to give you the premium touch. The front grille is given the piano black colour and the rear taillamps with LED lighting, also, the wheels have been modified and has the black colour coated to it.

Apart from these changes, there are no other changes to the body of the Duster. Renault has a pickup version of the Duster for the Brazil market called the Duster Oroch, pricing starts from Rs. 12 lakh onwards.

The Duster Oroch looks very much different from the modified Duster we have seen in India, the Duster Oroch is based on the new Duster with its distinct cluster headlamps and the tail lamps look very much different from the Duster that we see in India.

The pickup truck has never been a sought after vehicle in India in the SUV segment, however, we do have them for commercial purpose. Tata Xenon and Mahindra Scorpio Getaway are some of the pickup trucks in India. Rarely have they been used for off-roading or personal use and more to do with the commercial aspect of the pickup truck.


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