High Speed Talgo Train Smashes Indian Railways Speed Record

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A lightweight Talgo train undertaking high speed tests on the Mathura-Palwal route has claimed the record for the fastest speed achieved by a train on the Indian Railway network.

The Spanish Talgo clocked a top speed of 180km/h as it completed the 85 kilometre test run in just 39 minutes at an average speed of 130.76km/h.

The previous top speed record was held by the Gatimaan Express which clocked 160km/h.

The test runs between Mathura and Palwal are part of the second phase of testing for the Spanish train which started on July 9.

The top speed run was conducted under the supervision of engineers from Talgo and the Indian Railways Research Designs & Standards Organisation (RDSO). The 180km/h top speed was clocked with the train's nine lightweight aluminium coaches running bereft of passengers.

The testers will now addsand bags to mimic the weight of passengers to check the train's condition on turns and will again attempt to hit the 180km/h top speed.

The runs between Mathura and Palwal are expected to continue till the middle of August as part of the planned 40 day test.

The final round of testing will take the train from Delhi to Mumbai on the same route taken by the Mumbai Rajdhani Express. The Talgo is expected hit 220km/h on this stretch.

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