Suzuki GSXR Owner Gets A Telling Off By Policeman On Horse

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It is a natural instinct to revv up a powerful machine. If you have a superbike at your disposal, we believe you know what we are talking about. There will be several individuals who have an opinion whether, your motorcycle makes noise or just sound terrifically awesome.

Today we stumbled upon a video in which the owner of a Suzuki GSXR pulls a wheelie off. He is surprised as he is stopped by a policeman on his horse. The rider tries to justify that he was not travelling fast and his bike just sounds loud.

It was not his day as the policeman tells him that he too rides these bikes and knows exactly how fast he was. The policeman asks him if his camera is recording what has transpired. He tells him not to stop recording and asks the rider to show this video later to all his friends.

Surprisingly all the rider gets is a telling off, which we believe he would never forget. The policeman lets him off with just a warning. So in the end it is a good day for the rider, however, everything what the policeman said is true and if there are more individuals like him the world would surely be a better place.

Video: Suzuki Owner Gets A Telling Off By Policeman!

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 18, 2014, 18:30 [IST]
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