Stuntman Damien Walters Performs A Backflip Over Formula E Car Blindfolded!

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We have seen stuntmen jumping over speeding cars. Stuntman Damien Walters however, managed to do a backflip over not just any car, but a speeding Formula E car, blindfolded.

As crazy as it may sound, Walters made it look easy. Walters, who has performed stunts for Hollywood movies, prepared for the stunt two days in advance, and nailed the stunt.

The stunt was organised by the people who organise the Formula E championship. The car was travelling at precisely at 60mph (96.5km/h). When we say blindfolded, he did not exactly have his eyes tied up, but was facing his back towards the car.

He had to rely on a clock that notified him when to jump — exactly at 6.6 seconds after the car started. The car was driven by stunt driver Alistair Whitton, who also described the stunt as 'Crazy'. The timing had to be precise, since if Walters had jumped early, he would have hit the back of his head against the speeding car and late, the car would have run him over.

Below is the 360 degree video of the same stunt.

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