Live In Delhi? This Is Something You Should Know To Safeguard Your Vehicle

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A recent study has revealed some alarming figures in Delhi regarding car theft. The study says that a car is stolen every 15 minutes in the National capital. What makes it more worrying is that last month, nearly 100 vehicles were reported stolen every day!

To make things worse, the number of vehicles reported stolen this year is double that of stolen vehicle numbers compared to 2011, according to a police study. Also, vehicle recovery numbers have dropped 13 percent.

The study says that a key reason for the drop in recovered vehicles is because of the increase in the number of vehicles on-road, and also owing to limited parking space.

According to the study, one sixth of the vehicles reported stolen are from East Delhi. The district recorded 517 cases of missing vehicles in July, followed by outer district and West Delhi, having reported 492 and 478 cases respectively.

Almost 70 percent of the recovered vehicles were motorcycles and hatchbacks. The police say sedans are the most sought after segment thieves prefer to steal, followed by SUVs, but stealing one is not easy for them.

Police claim that the thieves are so well organised that they manage to steal two or three vehicles in two hours. The thieves then fled to Haryana or UP, where the cars are dismantled for parts and sold away, making it very difficult to trace a vehicle after that.

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