Car Gives A Mileage Of 1099km/l — Find Out How

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Imagine going by road from Delhi to Mumbai (1,429 kilometers) and spending just Rs. 74 on petrol or Delhi to Bangalore(2,121 kilometers) and spending 108 rupees. Those figure may sound like a fantasy, but it is something that has been achieved by a car built by a group of college students.

1099km/l mileage car

The college students in question are the Alérion Supermileage team from Université Laval, in Quebec City, Canada and who achieved the stratospheric mileage figure of 1099km/l with their prototype car, CT 2.0.

They achieved that theoretical mileage figure at the 10th Shell Eco-marathon Americas in Detroit, Michigan beating out 123 other teams representing seven countries in total - Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States.

The Eco-Marathon saw teams take 10 laps of a road course set out on the streets of Motor City for a total of 9.65 kilometers while travelling at an average speed of 24km/h. The Université Laval's car was managed it extreme fuel efficient run thanks to its lightweight and aerodynamic construction and its powerful for its size 2hp engine.

The students achieved the figure of 1,099km/h by pushing the car till it reached 32km/h before shutting the engine and allowing the car to coast around the rest of the course at 14km/h.

mileage record holder

However, the CT 2.0 fell 355km/l short of the record set in 2013 of 1354km/l by a team from the University of Toronto in the car seen above.

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