Sony’s New Tech Toy For Cars Supports Both Apple CarPlay And Android Auto

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The Japanese tech giant Sony has released a new range of aftermarket infotainment systems for cars, the XAV-AX100. The new model boasts 6.4-inch display, Bluetooth, and rearview camera. The new range of systems do not support an auxiliary port, but does support Apple Carplay or Android Auto.

Sony XAV-AX100

It comes with just one USB port, at the back, which would be problematic to charge your phone if you don't have other options. But the catch with the new model is the price, $400 (Rs. 33,500), which makes it one of the cheapest systems to support Carplay or Android Auto available in the market.

While other companies like JVC gives you an option of choosing between CarPlay or Android Auto platform, Sony comes up with both the features in one unit. This new product from Sony will be available in the US market by late November.

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