71 Year Old Crashes McLaren 12C At 240 Km/h

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Supercars are largely driven by youngsters and middle aged men. On rare occasions, senior citizens are seen driving such cars and in a really rare situation like this, a senior citizen not only drives the car but crashes it, driving it at 240 km/h.

This accident occurred in the German Autobahn, when a 71 year old was travelling at a speed of 240 km/h and encountered a flat, which made the car flip several times before the guardrails stopped the car.

Thanks to the car's carbon MonoCell safety cage, the elderly person survived this crash.

This is a perfect example of what could happen if the car encounters a flat and a perfect pointer of the risks involved while doing such speeds.

It could only be a matter of time until authorities come up with a restriction on the non-restricted parts of the Autobahn with speed limits.

And McLaren by the way, good job with the carbon MonoCell safety cage!

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