Ultimate Emergency Driver: Sebastian Vettel Races A Ferrari In An Ambulance

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Whenever an accident occurs, the faster an emergency vehicle reaches the victim, the better are his chances of survival.

So if the driver of the ambulance just happens to be a certain Sebastian Vettel, your chances of survival should go up exponentially. Alteast, that's what any Formula 1 fan will tell you.

To see if he's really up to the mark, Vettel swapped his company car, a Ferrari 488 GTB with 661bhp and 760Nm of torque with paramedic Alex Knapton's 116bhp ambulance.

The rules of the challenge were quite simple, first, Knapton would set a lap of the designated course in Vettel's 488 GTB, and then the four-time Formula One champion would respond by driving the Ambulance around the same course. 

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