Video: Scooter Rider Proves Why It's Not Safe To Ride During A Typhoon

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The Super Typhoon Meranti has officially been declared as one of the three most powerful typhoons ever.

As you can see in the video, the rider didn't have a chance as the debris, possibly a billboard, came flying to knock the rider right off the scooter.

The video clearly shows that the man saw the debris coming. He stops the scooter, and attempts to jump off, but too late.

This is just one of the many mishaps due to Meranti, where according to the reports, a lot of power lines were brought down by the strong wind and falling trees.

There were also a lot of vehicles that were damaged, and many traffic signs toppled by the typhoon Meranti. The China News Service has reported that this could be the strongest typhoon to hit the country since 1969.

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