Rolls-Royce Ghost Is One 'Crazy' Taxi

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The Rolls-Royce Ghost is the smaller of the land barges on wheels offered by the British luxury carmaker. Despite its 'small' size, the Ghost is still as opulent as any other Rolls-Royce on the road today. 

However, this specific Ghost at Platinum Motor Cars in Detroit, Michigan may just be a bit too crazy for any 'sensible' Rolls-Royce fan.

rolls-royce ghost yellow taxi

While the Ghost may look like a rusty yellow taxi, its is, in fact, a tribute to a popular arcade game from the late 90s, SEGA's rather mad 'Crazy Taxi'.

So, you needn't worry about the paint or the stickers on the car, as it is all just a wrap, to make the Ghost look like one of the old taxis seen in the game.

rolls-royce ghost yellow taxi

The owners of the car will be using the car to participate in the Motor City Rally which starts on August 3 and will see the crazy taxi Ghost travel from Detroit to Atlanta, Georgia, along with numerous other cars.

rolls-royce ghost yellow taxi

The Ghost is not the first car that Platinum Cars have done a crazy wrap on for a cross-country rally. The firm had earlier done up an Audi RS7 with a lovebug wrap along with a Mercedes E63 wagon which was made to look like the family wagon from the 1983 movie National Lampoon's Vacation.

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