Robbie Maddison Takes His Dirt Bike Into A Surf Pipe

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Robbie Maddison has over the years performed death defying stunts that are not even imaginable to most of us. His stunts are such that they can't be explained normally, you just have to see them to believe them.

In our video of the day, Robbie Maddison takes his dirt bike into the sea. For most of us surfing itself is difficult, this guy has decided to use his motorcycle for this epic stunt.

Every surfer dreams of experiencing the ‘Pipe' at least once in their lifetime. Robbie Maddison does that while surfing on his bike, we cannot even imagine how this stunt is possible and will be eagerly awaiting behind the scene footage.

Video Of The Day: Robbie Maddison Takes His Bike Into A Surf Pipe!

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