Road Swallows Cement Mixer In Broad Daylight

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Roads have to be made strong as they have to support various weights of vehicles. They have to build it keeping in mind that several automobiles could be stationary for a long period. In most countries the drainage and other tunnels are below the main road itself.

In our video you will see that a cement mixer truck is driving smoothly to his destination. The truck driver halts his vehicle momentarily and something unusual happens. All of a sudden the truck is swallowed by the road and almost vanishes.

The video has been recorded by a car that was on his regular route. We wonder how did this situation take place was the infrastructure weak or was something else the problem. We will let you know more details as we know them.

Video: Road Swallows Cement Mixer In Broad Daylight!

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Story first published: Sunday, October 26, 2014, 11:01 [IST]
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