Road Crossing Is A Major Challenge In Ukraine

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In todays time road rage is on a constant rise among two-wheeler as well as four-wheeler owners. This has put pedestrians and other vehicles on the street in danger.

Our video of the day shows two girls trying to cross a street and due to some unfortunate incident get hit by a speeding vehicle. The video has been shot by a dash cam that is in use by the individual that crashes one of the girls.

This incident has taken place in Ukraine and surprisingly both the girls seem unharmed and suffer minor bruises. You can see them get on their feet as soon as their hit, we cannot figure out who is at fault and would like to hear out from you in our comment section.

Video Of The Day: Road Crossing Is A Major Challenge In Ukraine!

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 16:17 [IST]
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