Scott Sports Introduced Rio Edition Bikes!

Written By: Vishnu

Scott Sports has introduced a new limited edition bicycle, the Rio Edition. This cycle is customised to the colourful culture and diversity of the Brazilian people

The Scott Sports cycles are made for a select group of athletes that have been chosen to participate in the most important race of the year at Rio Olympics 2016.

Scott Sports is offering the limited edition of 50 Framesets to its customers worldwide while the Rio edition is dedicated to the Rio qualifiers only. The bike maker also supported the glorious win of their two International Athletes Nino Schurter and Jenny.

Michael Pinto, The Product Team Head, said, "We researched on the combination of these patterns into our designs that feature SCOTT's 'Racing Concept' and also worked on the symbols and colours that represent the various facets of Brazil and matched it up to the modernisation and spirit of the Olympics"

Scott Sports India this limited edition product is a way of paying gratitude to the dedication and hard work that each Olympic Athlete puts in throughout the sporting career. They will be boosting funds through an Auction sale of this Limited Edition bicycle, the funds will be contributed to an organisation which works with children in promoting sports at the crucial level.

India will be getting this limited edition FOIL Frame Bike very soon.

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