A Strip Club On Wheels

City transport, like any other means of transport have an expiry date. They are scrapped once they have been decommissioned.

Once out of the service, they could end up becoming anything. From a mere rust bucket to somebody's home.

Thats not the case with the Bar Bus Maxi, previously an Ikarus 280.33 accordion-bus, which was decommissioned from service, from St. Petersburg public transport fleet in 2007.

But only people from the land of vodka, can turn an old bus to a number of things, like a rolling bar, strip club and party venue, to service everything from weddings to children's birthday parties.

The renting charge for the Bar Bus Maxi is approximately USD 140 per hour, but rates go north when a customer requires special decorations, DJs, bartenders, and for a few who like to take it one step ahead, strippers.

The Bar Bus has become a massive hit that it has even been featured in local television and film productions.

So why drive back home after partying when you can get home while still having a party!

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