Rs. 3/- Per Day Is All It Takes To Wash A Car — Find Out How!

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The most important aspect of owning a car is keeping it clean. The good old method of washing the car with a hose pipe and a soft cloth is fading away and pressure washers are taking over. There are many companies out there that make pressure washers that can be used at home.

Now, a company called Resqtech has come up with a very innovative pressure washer for the car, that not only saves electricity, but also saves water. The cylindrical contraption can hold 8 or 14-litres of water.

All one has to do is fill the cylinder with water, close it, pump it till pressure develops, and you're ready to wash the car. The kit consists of 1 Gardening Nozzle, 1 replaceable brush, a Microfiber towel, a set of spare washers/ rings, and the instruction manual.

Watch the video below to see how the whole process of washing your car becomes so easy.

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