Here's How You Fix A Massive Earthmover's $30,000 Flat Tyre

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When the tyre of a massive earthmover like a Caterpillar 797F gets a flat, fixing it isn't an easy job. While fixing your car or bike's flat spot may take just five minutes or less, when you have a tyre that weighs in at around 5.3 tons, that job becomes a whole lot harder, especially since each one cost $30,000 (Rs 20.24 lakh).

The process for fixing the flat tyre of an earthmover is as complicated as it gets with stitching, concrete brushes and all sorts of crazy drill bits and buffers involved. 

However, once fixed these 5.3-ton tyres are used to deliver the power from a 4,000bhp, 106-litre, quad turbocharged engine that is needed to haul the massive 6.23 lakh ton earthmovers in and out of mines with their cargos.

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