Video: Lego Lancia Stratos HF Engineered For Ideal Weight Distribution

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Anyone can go by instructions and build a working Lego model. But only the best at this art can create something special from scratch, using only their imagination and talent as a guide. That's exactly what this creator has achieved, in his remarkable reconstruct of the classic Group B rally star, the Lancia Stratos.

rc lego lancia stratos hf

His attention to detail is amazing-the car features independent front suspension and opening doors, bonnet, and front lights. And the car's distinctive profile has been recreated brilliantly, as the model is instantly recognisable as the three-consecutive-championship winning Stratos of the 1970s.

rc lego lancia stratos rally

However, where the Lego Stratos will really get you is the engineering behind the placement of the batteries. There are two, and one is placed under the hood for optimal weight distribution! That means the 800g car has less load on the rear axle. Why? To drift, of course! Powering the 31.5cm x 14cm x 10cm machine are two radio-controlled motors, and two RC Lipo batteries, that as you will see in the video, is more than enough to allow sideways action in the dirt.

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