Large Python Curls Up Around Honda Unicorn — Nightmare Or Survival Instinct?

A large python was recently found curled up around the rear tyre of a Honda Unicorn in the national capital of Delhi. The serpent wrapped itself around the rear tyre of the premium commuter motorcycle from Honda much to the surprise of the owner and the crowd that gathered to see the spectacle.

The bystander watching the spectacle try to nudge the python, which can typically grow up to three meters in length, off the rear tyre of the Honda Unicorn but the snake remains stedfastly curled up around the rear tyre of the motorcycle. The video does not show how or if the snake was finally coaxed off the bike, but we do hope the people around managed to bring some professionals to do the job.

The reason for the massive snake wrapping itself around the rear tyre of the motorcycle is due to the fact that the serpent, like many other reptiles, is a cold-blooded animal. The reason these animals are known as cold-blooded is because of the fact that they cannot regulate their temperature like warm-blooded animals (which include humans).

Due to this inability to regulate body temperatures, cold-blooded animals like the python seen in the video above are quite sluggish during winters. Cold-blooded animals look for warmer places or objects like the Unicorn to keep their bodies warm. The large python would have sensed the heat given off by the Unicorn's engine with its pit organs and slithered up onto the rear tyre to get as close as possible to the heat source on offer.

In colder months, cold-blooded animals are always on the lookout for sources of heat like vehicle engines. So, if you live in an area where snakes are common, do check your vehicle engine area for any of the critters. If you do find a snake, call an expert to come and take the reptile away to a safer locale for it. Do not try and wrangle the snake or manhandle it yourself. Snakes will usually ignore humans but will attack if provoked.

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Article Published On: Friday, April 5, 2019, 10:24 [IST]
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