An Office Chair For Rs 4.22 Lakhs? Live The Porsche 911 Life

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Imagine arriving at work and being able to indulge in opulence just by sitting in your chair. This is exactly what Porsche seems to be targeting with their new range of office chairs. Owning a Porsche sports car is a lifestyle, and these chairs could give Porsche enthusiasts and owners the feeling of sitting in a Porsche 911 even if you are at, let's say, a boring office meeting.

According to Porsche, Seat height adjustment on regular office chairs is too mainstream, so, Porsche went ahead and added electric backrest adjustment, which works using a rechargeable battery pack. The armrests too are adjustable and have a hook to hang jackets on.

For the base price of $5,690 (Rs 3.65 lakh), the seat is made from the same kind of black leather found in Porsche's cars. For an extra cost, however, one can choose from 100 individual colours. Just like Porsche sports cars, the chair too has an RS variant, which, again, like Porsche's cars, costs a lot more - $6,569 (Rs 4.22 lakhs).

Just like the RS variants of the 911, the RS seat too has got black hub base instead of the Silver ones on the regular seats. Getting the Porsche feels already?

Drivespark Thinks!
These seats do show that the person who sits on it is a true Porsche 911 enthusiast. However, one should also keep in mind that, for the same price tag, a used Porsche can be bought in the European and US market, and In India? Well, a brand new entry level hatchback or a used C-Segment sedan.

Still want the Porsche feels, in office?

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Story first published: Thursday, June 15, 2017, 10:55 [IST]
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