Porsche Design Tower: What Happens When Porsche Designs Luxury Apartments

Porsche is one of the most iconic car brands in the world. Even if an average layman cannot differentiate between the few Porsche models in the market, he/she sure can identify that it is a Porsche even from a distance.

Porsche therefore is one of the few car manufacturers that has been able to build a haloed image for its brand. In-fact the brand itself may have outgrown the cars it produces. Porsche Design is an in-house design brand from Porsche and this sub-brand deals with the development, manufacture and sale of several lifestyle products from Porsche.

It retails Porsche-branded clothing, apparel, accessories, watches, bags, bicycles, etc. Porsche Design has now also branched out into the real estate market. Luxury-branded apartments, penthouses and mansions are the new big-deal and it is exactly what Billionaires are into these days.

A branded apartment commands a premium of over 30 percent when compared to a non-branded apartment and luxury brands like Porsche are cashing-in on this. The Porsche Design Tower at Miami Beach is the perfect example of luxurious opulence.

It is a 60-storied cylindrical building which houses what is the lifestyle of dreams for most petrolhead around the world. Right off-the-bat, let us start off with what is the most-unique feature of the building: The Dezervator.

The Dezervator according to Porsche Design is a patented, revolutionary car elevator. The residents can drive directly into the lift, presumably in their Porsche and the lift automatically takes the car straight up to the apartment irrespective of what floor it is on.

The cars are then parked in the sky garages that are separated from the living room by just a glass wall. The Porsche Design Tower was inaugurated in March 2017 at the Sunny Isles beach. It was developed by Dezer Properties and the interiors were designed by Porsche Design.

The Sky Garages in each apartment can hold up to six cars, and if that isn't enough, the Porsche Design Tower also has lots of parking spaces at the ground level. The cars that are parked near the living room are very much part of the decor inside the house.

The car itself acts as a key to the apartment as the elevator recognises which car belongs in which apartment. The Porsche Design Tower offers world-class luxury amenities to its residents. This includes a heated pool with attendants to serve food and beverages, Porsche Design karts for residents to purchase Porsche-Branded goods, a fine-dining restaurant.

If the bar-counter in each apartment wasn't enough, each residence has a personal wine locker in the lobby-level restaurant. Petrolheads would never get bored in the Porsche Design Tower as residents have access to a simulator room which houses professional racing simulators.

Other luxury amenities include fitness and yoga rooms, a hair and nail salon, cold and hot saunas and separate lounges for men and women. The Porsche Design Tower also boasts of a movie-theater with stadium-style seating and a games room.

Thoughts On Porsche-Branded Luxury Apartments

If you are a petrolhead, and have billions of dollars to splurge on buying a house, this is the perfect one for you. Prices of an apartment in such a setting would only go up, and it is therefore a good investment as well. The most recent price fetched by an apartment in the Porsche Design Tower was $6.7 million (Rs 47.55 crore).

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Article Published On: Monday, February 25, 2019, 18:38 [IST]
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