Our Primary Motive Is Passenger Safety: Pranshu Gupta, CEO, Track N Tell

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India has a high rate of road accidents. Authorities are trying everything they can to prevent such incidents using traditional methods and latest technology. There are private firms as well, who are contributing towards road safety. One such firm is Track N Tell.

Track N Tell entered the connected car space in 2008 to ensure better safety for passengers. The company launched its latest device, the Intelli7 during the Auto Expo. The product features GPS based tracking, predictive engine failure, preventive maintenance notification, and a fuel monitoring system.

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Intelli7, the company's latest product has taken vehicle telematics to a new level by allowing direct communication with the people inside the vehicle. In case of an emergency, the Intelli7 will automatically send an SOS message to the customer care centre. So how does the system work?

Pranshu Gupta, the CEO and Founder of Track N Tell explains to us in detail.

So what is your primary motive?

Our primary motive is the safety of passengers. The whole product is built to avoid vehicle theft and our focus is to provide safety to passengers and family. A vehicle can be bought anytime, but not family. So when it comes to a connected car, the Intelli7 is our answer.

How does it work?

Essentially, the Intelli7 is connected to the call centre and it can detect an accident, or a crash or even an airbag deployment. The Intelli7 will automatically alert the call centre and the customer care representatives can connect and talk with you through hands-free communication, asking for assistance. An ambulance will also be despatched if required.

Is a cell phone needed?

No, a cell phone is not needed in such a case. It works off an independent communication network and does not need your mobile phone at all. It works off a telecom network and the device comes with a sim card. We also provide a wireless panic button.

How does the wireless panic button work?

The wireless panic button is a simple device that one can mount on the roof, for example like a dome light. Say for example a family member is in a car and the car has taken a diversion where it shouldn't have, and the passenger is uncomfortable or doubtful, they can just push the panic button.

In such a situation, if the Intelli7 detects the button being pressed, a call will be made to the call centre and the conversation in the car can be heard by the call centre representative. If the passenger is feeling uncomfortable and wants help, the car can be remotely shut off. The call centre will know where exactly your car is. The call centre can immediately call your family members, or put them on a conference call with the passenger.

So what else is possible with the Intelli7 device?

The Intelli7 can be used to limit vehicle speed if your kids are driving too fast or help monitor your car if the kids are travelling alone. We constantly have the communication channel going on, keeping safety in mind.

Wouldn't such an act be invading somebody's privacy?

Not at all. Nobody is listening to the passengers at all, until the device detects an accident or an airbag deployment or when the panic button is pressed. There is absolutely no privacy invasion. 

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