Optical Illusions To Help In Slowing Down Vehicles In India

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Excessive speeding is common in several countries, individuals are not following rules and speed restrictions which are also a problem. In India no matter how small a road is vehicle owners try to go as fast as possible, without paying any attention to speed limits in that zone.

optical illusions india

Now Indian artists have come up with an interesting idea to curb vehicle speeding. They have decided to take regular zebra-crossing and modify them. Saumya Pandya Thakkar and Shakuntala Pandya have come up with this new and innovative idea.

A local company that manages highways in Ahmedabad contacted the artists. The goal was to create something that would catch the attention of drivers and make them slow down. Both ladies had to develop some form of art for slowing down drivers near a school where children cross.

optical illusion vehicle for vehicle

Both ladies were inspired by a similar concept that was used in China. They decided to provide the zebra-crossing a 3D optical illusion. The illusion is created in such a way that people will think that there is a heap of stones which would obstruct their path.

3d zebra crossing

We wonder if more roads and streets would come up with similar artworks. Recently, an artist in Bangalore decided to use potholes on roads to display his artwork. India has an abundance of artists and all of them should be given complete freedom to express themselves.


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