Nissan Powers Energy Storage At Stadium — The Leaf Is A Big Deal

Electric vehicle battery packs are becoming really popular for stationary energy storage projects. The latest development is that Nissan Leaf battery packs are now powering a new large energy storage system at the Johan Cruijff Arena, in Amsterdam.

The project is the result of collaboration between Nissan, Eaton, BAM, The Mobility House and the Johan Cruijff Arena, supported by the Amsterdam Climate and Energy Fund (AKEF) and Interreg.

Nissan said, "It is the largest European energy storage system using second-life and new electric vehicle batteries in a commercial building. We have installed a 3 MW/ 2.8MWh storage system that is made of battery modules from an equivalent of 148 Nissan Leaf battery packs."

"It will be used to provide a more reliable and efficient energy supply and usage for the stadium, its visitors, neighbors and the Dutch energy grid," they added.

Henk van Raan, Director of Innovation, Johan Cruijff Arena, said, "Thanks to this energy storage system, the stadium will be able to use its own sustainable energy more intelligently and, as Amsterdam Energy Arena BV, it can trade in the batteries' available storage capacity."

"The Arena is assured of a considerable amount of power, even during an outage. As a result, the stadium will contribute to a stable Dutch energy grid. The Johan Cruijff Arena is one of the most sustainable stadiums in the world and leads the way in introducing smart innovations like this unique energy storage system," he added.

The stadium also features 4,200 solar panels that feed power to the new battery system.

This is the latest of many example of automakers using electric vehicle battery packs at stationary energy storage projects. Mercedes Benz recently converted a coal power plant into an energy storage system using electric car batteries.

BMW also uses vehicle battery packs for energy storage projects. They recently added over 500 BMW i3 battery packs to the UK National Grid to create its large energy storage project, the largest to date.

Renault uses old Zoe battery packs for a home energy storage products and energy storage systems to power off-the-grid charging stations.

Nissan recently unveiled new streetlights powered by used Leaf battery packs.

Thoughts About Nissan Leaf Battery Packs Powering Energy Storage Systems At Johan Cruijff Arena

Most of us think of battery packs just for things we use on a daily basis - laptops, smartphones, portable power banks, and at best, cameras. Applications for battery packs are much wider. It makes the headline today because companies like Nissan, BMW, and Mercedes Benz produce electric cars on a global level, but the applications battery packs are unlimited. We are impressed with what Nissan has just accomplished.

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Article Published On: Saturday, June 29, 2019, 14:03 [IST]
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